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Colchester Amateur Boxing Club’s Phoebe Davies was on the wrong end of a very narrow split decision in her England Boxing National Junior Cadet u50kg final on Sunday.

In only her 4th contest Phoebe went toe-to-toe with Willenhall's more experienced Paris Williams in a bout that started at blistering pace and carried on from there. Neither girl wanted to give ground with Williams pressing forwards all time with two handed flurries keeping the pressure on Phoebe for the duration of the first round.Not to be denied, Phoebe produced superior movement and sharp powerful combinations to stun the oncoming Midlands champion.

Phoebe’s boxing belied her experience as the second round followed the same pattern with Williams pressing forwards but the smarter boxing and cleaner punches coming from Phoebe. .

The last round was another close affair. It was hard to split them at the final bell with the crowd on their feet for both girls. Two of the three judges favoured the rugged pressure tactics of the Willenhall boxer and awarded the decision to Williams by the narrowest of margins.

Phoebe will be looking to bounce straight back to winning ways when she appears on the club's home show at St. Benedict’s Catholic College in Norman Way next Saturday afternoon with the rest of her CABC team-mates. Her sterling performance will stand her in good stead for this and future contests.

"It's tough for Phoebe to lose such an important bout by such a narrow margin. I believe she was the better boxer and showed better skills however judging an amateur boxing match can be very subjective." said CABC Coach Carl Barton. "But she has proven already that she's good enough to mix with the best girls of her age. She has the potential to go very far in this sport."

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It was an all action weekend for Colchester Amateur Boxing Club. Boxers Alfie Smith and Molly Yates travelled to Attleborough in Norwich to compete on the Attleborough Boxing Club’s open show on Saturday Night and on Sunday afternoon Tommy Reid travelled to Cheshunt to compete on the Cheshunt ABC open show.

Alfie Smith was looking for a repeat win over old foe Charlie Connaughtonover three one and a half minute rounds once againfacing him on home turf. Former pro welterweight champion Lee Purdy cornered Smith and allowed him to proudly box in very similarly designed shorts that the Colchester professional wore when he won his British welterweight title in 2011.

In the first Smith came out purposefully and circled his opponent in his southpaw stance before scoring with fast lead jabs and following with a solid left cross. Connaughton, although caught, replied with fast flurries of hooks as the gap shortened, with both boxers hooking away furiously. This pattern was repeated after every break with Smith unable to capitalise on his smoother boxing.

In the second Smith tried to raise the pace and his opponent responded in kind with both boxers working hard. Smith getting the better when keeping it long but being dragged into a slugging match.

The third round became a messy affair as, despite their best efforts, neither lad could impose himself upon the other. Frustration started to set in and the referee needed to order the boys to tidy it up. Both lads continued giving their all, encouraged by tumultuous cheers of encouragement from the crowd.

Faced with a difficult decision Connaughton was giving the nod by the judges on a close split decision, which left a dejected Smith to be giving words of encouragement from his corner.

CABC’s Molly Yates was hoping to extend her recent form in a three two minute rounds contest against Bridgewater ABC’sChloe Griffiths who had made the long trip from Manchester. Yates boxed beautifully to orders and abandoned her usual counter punching style to force the action against a very strong opponent.

In the first round Yates forced Griffiths onto the back foot with her trademark long left jabs which she scored with firmly. Yates’sfavoured one two led the way to some solid and hurtful four punch combinations after which she moved off defensively to nullify the determined Griffiths’ counters.

Yates’ corner called for more of the same in the second and Yates responded to orders, controlling the tempo and leaving Griffiths increasingly desperate to enforce herself on the bout. Griffiths’ frustration was growing and she threw herself at Yates with such vigour she was admonished for turning full circle on more than one occasion.

The third saw a determined and tenacious Griffiths attack furiously to force Yates onto the back foot. However, Yates’ movement and solid defence kept her safe and enabled her to land a couple of eye-catching four punch combinations which clinched the third round.

A jubilant Yates received a unanimous decision from the judges to the delight of her supporters.

On Sunday afternoon Tommy Reid was looking to repeat a win from earlier in the season against home boxer Dylan Lewis.

Despite giving away height and reach Tommy commanded centre of the ring from the opening bell using slips and ducks to make Lewis miss and then capitalising with crisp counter punches. Realising he could not win without applying pressure Lewis forced Tommy back to the ropes but failed to land any real eye catching punches. The second round followed a similar pattern but with less eye catching punches being landed by Tommy allowing Lewis to look slightly more assertive as he pressed forwards with two handed attacks.

The final round seen Tommy box smarter from the centre of the ring, only giving ground on a number of occasions and landing the cleaner eye catching combinations.Lewis only response was to press forwards with flurries where he was mostly met with punches of equal ferocity from Tommy. After the final bell despite Tommy’s corner feeling he had been the better boxer and landed the cleaner punches the judges had favoured the more assertive tactics of Lewis and awarded the decision to the home boxer.


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Blake Back on Form

Three boxers from Colchester Amateur Boxing Club were in action at the weekend. Blake Marshall and Tommy Reid both competed on the Sporting Ring ABC show in Camberley Surrey and Charlie Reid competed on the Brentwood Boxing Club show in Onger.

First to kick the weekend’s action off Blake Marshall faced home boxer Daniel Calder in a show that took place in the Sporting Ring ABC’s gym. Looking to return to form from a few recent defeats Blake made a fast start taking the action to Calder straight away. Blake pressed forwards with combinations not allowing his opponent to settle and find his rhythm.

In the second and third rounds Calder failed to respond to Blake’s pressure tactics and continued to box on the back-foot retreating to the ropes. Blake took advantage of his opponent’s lack of initiative using his jab to open his opponents guard and then landing with combinations to head and body. Blake was determined a clear winner and awarded the win by way of unanimous decision.

Tommy Reid was looking to continue his unbeaten run as he faced Kieron Connelly from Mole Valley ABC. Tommy made a good start dominating the action from the centre of the ring and throwing powerful back-hand and lead hooks. Connelly boxed on the back-foot moving around the ring and in and out of range. Tommy showed patience and accuracy as he waited for Connelly to come forwards before defending and then throwing eye-catching counter punches.

In the dying seconds of the second round a straight rear hand followed by a lead hand hook combination landed clean on Connelly’s chin and forced the referee to issue a standing count, the bell prevented Tommy from following up on this success. In the final round Connelly boxed defensively allowing Tommy to box assertively and open up his lead. Connelly stayed competitive until the opening bell but a well-deserved unanimous points win was awarded to Tommy after the final bell.

In the evening in Onger Charlie Reid faced old foe FinalyMowatt and was hoping to replicate his win over the Brentwood boxer earlier in the season. Spurred on by his home support Mowatt came forwards from the opening bell using his jab to find range before reaching in with the rear-hand. Charlie attempted to box on the back-foot but found difficulty in landing effective counter punches as Mowatt held on when up close. Having allowed Mowatt to edge the opening rounds Charlie went on the front foot for the final round but despite some success failed to keep his opponent under enough pressure to reverse the decision. After a well-contested bout the win was awarded to Mowatt by unanimous decision.

Tommy, Blake and Charlie’s team-mates at Colchester Amateur Boxing Club; Molly Yates and Alfie Smith will be in action next weekend as they travel to Norfolk to compete on the Attleborough Boxing Club open show. The following weekend will see junior prospect Phoebe Davies continue her Junior ABA championship campaign as she faced off against the winner of the London division.

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Whist gearing up for her Junior England Boxing Championship campaign Colchester Amateur Boxing Club boxer Phoebe Davies travelled to Hastings to box Elsie Pattenden on the Hastings Westhill ABC open show.

Phoebe turned in a mature and measured performance against the slightly more experienced Pattenden. From the opening bell Phoebe commanded the centre of the small ring fording Pattenden to move around the ropes and into the corners. When ideally positioned Phoebe launched two handed sustained attacks usually forcing Pattenden back to the corner post or ropes.

Throughout the three two minute rounds Phoebe looked fit and strong as she drew her opponents lead and responded with two handed flurries. Pattenden rallied hard in the final round by trying to initiate more exchanges and trying to catch Phoebe with long one two combinations as she came forwards but the Colchester boxers superior strength and hand speed allowed her to get the better of most exchanges.

Although competitive till the end the judges awarded the win to Phoebe by a clear unanimous points decision. Coach Carl Barton commented “This is exactly the type of performance we need Phoebe to produce in advance of her Junior Championship challenge. She showed here that she was able to control every aspect of the bout against a good and more experienced opponent. This is Phoebe’s third consecutive win and although it’s early days she is showing improvement really quickly. We expect her to do well in the championships.”

Also hoping to box on the Hastings show was Colchester’s Alfie Smith. Despite having trained hard and weighing in perfectly on weight Alfie’s opponent weighed too light and so pulled out of the contest. Alfie and club-mate Molly Yates will box next month on the Attleborough ABC open show on the 5th March.

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Tommy boxed his second bout in as many weeks this weekend as he faced off against Dylan Lewis of Cheshunt ABC on their home show. Joe Davies boxed on Friday night on the St. Ives ABC open show and Louis Curtis travelled all the way to the south coast to box on the Eastbourne boxing club show.

Joe Davies started the weekend’s action against Johnathon Morgan of Trumpington ABC with a gritty performance. The aggressive and strong Morgan came forwards from the opening bell throwing combinations to head and body. Once Joe had found his stride he was able to catch Morgan with telling straight punches as he came forwards. A good performance in the final round by Joe just wasn’t enough and the judges favoured Morgan unanimously despite a brave and determined performance by Joe.

Having recorded a convincing point win against an old foe Nathan Hughes of Marston ABC lust last week Tommy Reid squared off again this Saturday against Dylan Lewis of Cheshunt ABC. Lewis came determined and came charging towards Tommy from the opening bell. Tommy stood his ground however defending and throwing powerful counter punches to head and body. Tommy’s strength forced Lewis to change tactics and try to box more conservatively keeping Tommy at arms-length. This allowed Tommy to take the initiative more and choose when he wanted to be applying pressure. Some strong eye catching punches followed convincing the judges to award a unanimous win to the Colchester Boxer recording his third successive win of the season.

Louis Curtis came up a little short against Liam Holden from Hastings in Eastbourne. Boxing too much on the back foot allowed Holden to pick up the momentum and load up his punches. Despite some classy boxing Louis wasn’t assertive enough and the decision was given to Holden by way of unanimous decision.

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It was an all action weekend for Colchester Amateur Boxing Club with seven boxers competing across two local shows. Joe Davies, Phoebe Davies, John Beswick and Cameron Renson all boxed on the Harwich ABC open show on Saturday afternoon and Blake Marshall, Alfie Smith and Charlie Reid all boxed on the Sudbury ABC open show on Sunday evening.


Kicking of the weekend’s action and making his competitive debut was Joe Davies facing Denny Smith of Sporting Ring ABC in Surrey. Both boxers turned in a determined performance with Joe landing the longer straighter punches and Smith sitting back and using two handed counter attacks. Despite a some moments of quality boxing a narrow split points decision was awarded against Joe.


Next up was schoolgirl prospect Phoebe Davies in a staunch test against more experienced Hermione Parker of Kingfisher ABC in Yarmouth. With a height and weight advantage Parker tried to dominate the action by pressing forwards with long one two combinations. Phoebe's superior movement and accurate combination punching however allowed her to stamp her authority on the bout and earn a unanimous point win.


Next up John Beswick faced Jack Newham from Dale Youth west London in a senior elite contest. In the opening round John boxed at range but was unsuspecting of his opponent’s well timed counter attacks. Using a change of tactics John closed the range down dominating the action up close in round two and three. Sustained attacks to head and body seen the judges award a hard fought but well-earned win by split points decision.


In the last contest of the Harwich show Cameron Renson faced Jason Bradley of Halstead ABC. After a close opening round Bradley stepped the pressure using his height and reach to catch Cameron with long punches at keep him at arms-length. After struggling to find his rhythm a unanimous decision was awarded against Cameron.


On the Sunbury show Blake Marshall kicked off the action against Boston Cash of Hero's ABC in Kings Lynn. Cash started positively with big shots but was met with fierce resistance as Blake threw shots back with both hands to head and body. The bout was an all action affair that had the crowd on their feet in the last round. Despite cleaner punching and a more effective defense a split point decision was awarded against Blake. 


Hoping to keep his winning run going Alfie Smith was next up facing Jack Dolan of Lowestoft ABC. Using his trademark fast footwork from his southpaw stance Alfie moved in and out of range landing eye catching counter punches. Dolan stayed competitive throughout but Alfie’s class shone through and clear unanimous point win was awarded to Aflie at the end of the contest.


Closing the action for weekend was Charlie Reid as he faced Toby Herbert of Fenland Sparta. This proved to be a tough but scrappy affair with both boxers trying to box at close range and tying each other up on the inside. After three hard fought rounds a split points decision was awarded against the Colchester boxer.



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The Friday night bout between John and Martin was an all action affair to the delight of the crowd. In the opening round Martin stuck to form with his trade-mark upright and assertive boxing, however his decision to throw more single punches allowed John to defend and counter with two handed flurries and open up an early lead.

In the second round Martin warmed to the contest and started to pile on the pressure with more volume of punches. John’s boxing skills were tested as he was forced to box on the back foot and use the jab more effectively on the outside and try to match Martins work rate when up close. John slick boxing moving in and out of range just edged the round with little to spare.

With John holding only a narrow lead going into the third round he knew he would have to battle hard as Martin had now found his rhythm. As predicted the final round was non-stop with sustained pressure coming from Martin and John trying to box defensively. In the closing seconds both elite athletes stood toe-to-toe exchanging blows to rapturous applause of the crowd. In an almost carbon-copy of their previous contest the decision was given to John by way of split decision.

In the final bout of the evening Cameron Renson returned to ring after seven months out due to work commitments. Renson looked anything but rusty however as he used sharp footwork to avoid his opponent’s shots and then move in quickly for eye catching counter shots. Meeling was not to be deterred however and threw shots from his southpaw stance landing occasionally when up close. In the second round a succession of well-timed shots from Cameron rocked Meeling but the referee allowed the contest to continue and the bell ended the action before Cameron could capitalise on his success.

Knowing he had work to do in the final round Meeling came forwards throwing sustained attacks with both hands. Cameron met this with his own exchanges but a more effective defence was just enough to separate the two boxers. The deserved win was awarded to Cameron by way of a split decision.

John, Phoebe and Cameron with all be in action next week at the Harwich ABC open show along with more of their Colchester ABC teammates.

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Alfie Goes 3-0

Colchester ABC boxers Alfie Smith and John Beswick were on fine form Saturday night as they travelled to Attleborough in Norfolk to face their toughest challenges yet. Hoping for his third successive win Alfie faced more experienced Charlie Conaughton from Attleborough ABC and making a start to his competitive season John stepped up in class to face the vastly experienced Kieron Conway from Kings Heath ABC in Nothhampton.

Alfie accepted the bout at late notice and this may partially account for his tentative start to the opening rounds. Once into his stride Alfie was happy initiating the exchanges from his southpaw stance but was met with fierce resistance as Conaughton countered at close range with sharp two handed flurries.

In the second round Alfie sharpened up his footwork moving quickly in and out of range scoring clean eye catching shots. A telling rear hand sent Conaughton to the canvas half-way through the round boosting Alfie’s confidence further and producing a confident and measured for the rest of the round.

In the final round with everything left to compete for both boxers started at a good pace with Alfie trying to repeat his tactics in the previous round by using quick feet and hands to move in and out of range whilst Conaughton tried to increase the pressure and control the action at close range. Both boxers battled hard in undoubtedly the closest round of the bout. A well-deserved but very close unanimous points decision was awarded in Alfie’s favour. After the bout coach Carl Barton commented that ”Alfie’s boxing had gone from strength to strength in the past few months. He as passed an important test tonight and now with three straight wins under his belt he is looking forwards to the challenges that lie ahead. “

In the second last bout of the evening John made a determined start against Conway answering single but powerful punches with his trade-mark fast two handed flurries. It soon became clear however that the naturally bigger Conway was a skilled boxer who could adapt his tactics and utilise good defensive and offensive skills. The remainder of the opening round was an all action affair worthy of the elite class of both boxers involved. Both boxers landed eye catching punches with John being more assertive and throwing combinations with both hands and Conway relying on back foot boxing and single eye catching counter punches.

In the second round Conway found his range a little more managing to defend and counter without taking as many shot from John sustained attacks. Conway built his confidence as the round progressed with John becoming more frustrated and trying to land big eye catching shots instead of his sharp two handed flurries.

In the final round John knew he would have to increase the pressure and work rate without forcing mistakes and allowing Conway to capitalise on this. Again Conway tried to utilise back-foot powerful counter punches whilst John came forward with improved volume of punches trying to control the action at close quarters against the ropes and in the corners. Again the crowd were treated to some spectacular boxing as the two elite athletes gave everything they had right up to the dying seconds. In an exciting but very close to call contest the judges favoured the assertive boxing of the Colchester boxer two to three and awarded the win to John by way of split decision.  Afterwards coach Casey Nachman commented “This was tough opponent for John to face in his first bout of the season. He has been out for nine months through injury and was giving away a lot of experience, especially at elite level as John has only just made that transition. Conway won the international Haringey Box-Cup and so by proxy is one of the best boxers in the county at this weight. John was very much the underdog going into this bout in many people’s eyes but he has really proven his class tonight. This is set to be a great season for John and this win has sent a clear message that he is one to watch out for.”

Alfie and John will be back in action over the coming weeks along with many other CABC teammates o the Ipswich ABC dinner show on the 27th November, the Harwich boxing club open show on the 5th December and the Sudbury ABC open show on the 6th December.

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Boxers from Colchester Amateur Boxing Club started the season with a bang on Saturday afternoon at their open boxing show at St Benedicts catholic college. There were 15 bouts in all, 8 of which were contested by boxers from Colchester ABC.

Opening the show and making his debut in the sport was Joe Davies. Joe faced Blake Houseman from Holland Shore ABC in a no decision skills contest. Although there is no decision the crowd were impressed at the quality of boxing shown by both boxers.

The next Colchester bout was also a skills contest featuring Alfie Smith. Alfie has already made the transition to competitive boxing but he lost his original opponent with just days to go. Ashley Upchurch again from Holland Shore ABC bravely stepped in and agreed to box a skills contest with Alfie despite giving away experience to Alfie. Both boxers put on a good show, Alfie using his southpaw stance and quick feet to counter punch his way through the bout. Alfie will be back in action in a competitive bout just next week in Romford.

The first competitive bout for Colchester was a female bout where Molly Yates faced Beth Taylor of Willenhall ABC in Coventry. With height and reach on her side Molly set about using her jab to keep Taylor out of range, throwing the back hand to catch her when she tried to move closer. After a convincing first round for Molly, Taylor stepped up the pressure a little but again long range but purposeful work seen Molly land the better punches of the second and third round on her way to a convincing points win.

Blake Marshall faced his toughest challenge yet against Acer Smith of March who was not only more experienced but also heavier and older than Blake. In the opening round Blake went onto the front foot but Smith boxed well landing some eye catching counter punches. Blake was not deterred after narrowly losing the first round and kept closing down his opponent and trying to work at close range. Despite a brave performance the experience and slick boxing of Smith payed off and a narrow points decision was awarded against Blake.

Next in her first competitive bout was Phoebe Davies facing Hannah Mortier of Rayne ABC near Braintree. Phoebe set the standard with a commanding first round as she moved smoothly around the ring landing eye catching punches as Mortier tried to close her down. Mortier stepped up her game in the second forcing Phoebe to defend more and use all of her boxing skill. As the pace slowed however Phoebe took back control of the bout with some well -timed combinations to head and body. A convincing points win was awarded to the Colchester Schoolgirl. The officials were so impressed with her display of boxing that they chose to award her the trophy for best home boxer of the afternoon.

Looking to make a positive start to his fourth season of amateur boxing Louis Curtis closed the first half of the show. Facing a much taller and older opponent in Lennon Swords of Marston ABCLouis had the odds to beat. Using his fast hands and quick foot work Louis set about from the opening bell moving quickly into range under his opponents lead and scored punches with both hands. Louis boxed throughout the bout with determination keeping his opponent under pressure and using all his skill to clinch a well-deserved points win.

The first of the Reid brothersto box was school boy prospect Tommy Reid against Nathan Hughes of Marston ABC. Also giving away height, reach and age to his opponent suited Tommy fine as his front foot all action style is suited to this type of boxer. The opening round did not disappoint as Tommy shut down his opponent and scored big punches with both hands. Hughes moved around the ring well avoiding most of Tommy’s most damaging shots and landing occasionally as Tommy moved forwards. As the bout progressed Tommy started to step across his opponent and stop his movement allowing more combinations to land. After three rounds a clear points decision was awarded to Tommy.

The second Reid brother to enter the ring and close the show was Charlie Reid facing Finlay Mowatt of Brentwood boxing club. This bout was a tense affair with both boxers not willing to give ground to the other. Mowatt tried to counter punch and hold up close but Charlie kept the action close range and landed the most effective shots when he had his opponent in the corner or on the ropes. The bout lacked clean slick boxing but at the end of three rounds it was clear that Charlie had landed the better punches. A points win was awarded to the delight of the crowd.

Other notable performances include a well boxed but narrow points loss from Harwich’s Stevie Martin against Mak Fuller of Brentwood. Paul Gordon of Harwich won a narrow points win in a battle with Peterborough’s Danny Mines where both boxers landed some real powerful punches. Callum Knight of Eastbourne Boxing Club was awarded best away boxer with a well-earned win over Jesse Goodey of New Astley.

This show brought about more history for the club because despite again previously had siblings box on the same show this is the first time the club has had brother and sister box on the same show in the form of Joe and Phoebe Davies. Both Davies appear to have promising careers ahead of them. Colchester ABC would like to thank all the supporters of the club and would encourage anyone interested in amateur boxing or boxing training just for fitness to visit the club website www.colchesterabc.co.uk or facebook page for more information.

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Boxers from Colchester Amateur Boxing Club made the long journey to Devizes in Wiltshire to compete on the Devizes ABC dinner show. Molly Yates boxed local lass Jodie Williams and Blake Marshall boxed Ned Cash from Yate ABC.


To open the show Molly stepped in the face Williams in a no decision skills contest. This marked somewhat of a milestone for Devizes ABC as this represented the first ever female to compete for the club. 


In the opening round both boxers used their front hand to display their skills to the delight of the crowd. Williams showed plenty of ability for a debutant but experienced showed as Molly had the edge in form and sharpness.


In the second round the boxers threw punches with both hands and the crowd cheered loudly in support of both boxers. The determination shown and head movement shown by Williams belied her experience as she begun to find her rhythm but again the edge in controlled defensive boxing went to Molly as she drew her opponents lead and counter punches with sharp one two combinations.


Both boxers stepped up the pace in the last round with a really fast start coming from Williams. Molly used clever defences to weather the storm however and stuck to clean clever boxing. As the pace slowed Molly’s long lead left hands and well timed one-two combinations started to find their mark more and more often. The crowd were delighted with both boxers right up to the closing bell. The referee raised the hands of both boxers to rapturous applause from the crowd.


Next up was Blake who was hoping to build on a narrow loss from just last week when he made his competitive debut against a talented boxer from Attleborough ABC. Blake faced Ned Marshall from Yate ABC who proved himself to be a capable boxers.


Blake made a fast start taking the initiative from the opening bell. Cash tried to lad long punches and catch Blake as he came forwards but Blake answered with combinations to head and body. Cash covered up on the inside but Blake threw hooks around the side of the guard finding thre target at least once with each exchange.


The second and third rounds followed the same pattern. Cash stayed competitive trying to out-box Blake with long lead shots and counter punches but Blake’s sustained attacks and determined work on the inside clearly caught the Judges’ eyes. Blake was awarded a deserving points decision.


Both boxers were awarded their trophies by ex-professional boxer Nicky Piper.

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Full report to follow!

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Beswick Defrosts the Iceman


It was an all action weekend for Colchester Amateur Boxing Club; with five boxers taking to the ring. Welterweight prospect John Beswick and Junior ABA contender Charlie Reid squared up in their hometown at the Weston Homes Community Stadium on Friday night. On Saturday night middleweight Cameron Renson, female boxer Zoe Charge and heavyweight Frazer Wood travelled all the way to Eastbourne in East Sussex to compete on the newly formed Eastbourne Boxing Club’s first dinner show.


Kicking off the weekend’s action at the stadium was Charlie Reid against Joel Sayer from Norwich Diamonds ABC. In the opening round Sayer came forwards with bursts of powerful accurate punches but Charlie’s composed and controlled boxing seen him also connect with some powerful shots. A few well timed shots to head and body slowed Sayer down and Charlie soon took control of the bout.

In the second and third rounds Sayer boxed on the back-foot whilst Charlie dominated with combination punches. Sayer landed occasional counter attacks but was out worked as Charlie landed two or three punches to every counter attack. A convincing points win was awarded to Charlie after three well boxed rounds. 

Next was the very anticipated bout between John Beswick and elite welterweight Ryan Frost from Harwich Boxing Club. This contest belied the experience and ability of both boxers as it began and continued in a tense but scrappy fashion. Frost closed range down quickly and tried to work inside but John was not to be outdone and many exchanged ended in holding or leaning on.

Both boxers showed fleeting moments of quality boxing with Frost showing his strength by landing powerful shots to head and body and John using fast hands and feet to land eye-catching counter punches. As the contest drew on over the 3x3 and both boxer slowed a little the cleaner and more convincing shots were landed by John. A close split points decision was awarded to John after three hard fought rounds.

In Eastbourne Cameron Renson was the first Colchester Boxer to step between the ropes facing Rob Hobbs from Exeter University ABC. This was an exiting contest as awkward southpaw Hobbs came forwards with combinations to head and body and Cameron stood back landing counters and flashes of sustained pressure.


The opening round was close with neither boxer taking a commanding lead. Hobbs landed the more eye-catching shots in round two but in the third Cameron responded with classy boxing and well timed moments of pressure.

A close but deserved split points decision was awarded to Cameron.

Next up for Colchester was Zoe Charge facing home boxer Meg Dhanji. This proved to be an all action contest as both boxers battled hard with furious exchanges right up to the closing bell.

Taller boxer Dhanji threw long shots trying to catch Zoe at range but Zoe quickly cut down the reach advantage and scored effectively with short punches to head and body. After a close first round Zoe stepped up the pace and put in a convincing performance in round two. Both boxer were tired but pushed themselves to the limit in the third round. Dhanji was awarded the decision on a very close points majority. This bout was subsequently voted as the contest of the night.

To close the weekends action for Colchester heavyweight Frazer wood faced hard-hitting Ashley Mountain from Bexhill ABC. This proved to be a short lived and difficult bout for Frazer.

After a few sharp exchanges in the opening seconds of the bout Mountain landed a crashing right hand on target which sent Frazer to the canvas. In the interests of safety the bout ended despite Frazer’s determination to continue.

Charlie Reid, Zoe Charge and John Beswick will be joined by their team mates and other local Colchester boxers when they compete on their Open show on Feb 14th. The show will take place at St Benedicts Catholic College in Norman Way, Boxing starts at 1.30pm and the admission is £10 for adults and £5 for children. 

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Colchester Amateur Boxing Club’s John Beswick had a late start to the season but it was one worth waiting for. John boxed at the Chelmsford Amateur Boxing Club’s dinner show against Mayland ABC’s Jack Martin.

John knew he faced a difficult bout as Martin has just completed a successful run in the England Boxing Developmental Championships and as such approached the bout with steely determination.

In the opening round John boxed well taking centre of the ring but remaining relaxed, forcing Martin to come forwards. Using slick counter punches John opened the contest with a convincing lead.

Martin was not to be deterred however and kept a sustained attack which started to slow John down towards the end of the second round.

In the third round knowing he already dropped the opening two to John’s impressive movement and counter punching, Martin stepped on the gas forcing John to move more and cover up when under pressure.

Knowing that the bout could potentially be lost in the fourth and final round John changed tactics and took the fight to Martin, but was met with resistance. Both boxers battled hard with the more eye catching punches being landed by the Colchester Boxer. Despite receiving a standing count in the dying seconds of the bout it was clear that John had landed enough clean shots to win the bout. He was awarded the win by split decision, the referee congratulated both boxers for such a well fought contest. Later in the evening the officials voted John as the best away boxer of the evening. John will be back in action again next Saturday at the Harwich Boxing Club’s open show at the Park Pavillion Harwich.

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On Saturday 27th September 2015 Colchester Amateur Boxing Club opened the amateur boxing season in Colchester when they held an open boxing show. The show hosted lots of local talent and also staged bouts for the Essex and Suffolk developmental championships.

At only 10 years old Alfie Smith opened the show for Colchester ABC facing an older and larger opponent in Tamir Alsim from the Vange & Pitsea Amateur Boxing Club. Although this was a no decision skills bout both boxers were out to impress the audience. Alfie boxed tactically out of his southpaw stance whilst Aslim came forward using his natural size and strength to try and gain the advantage. A good defence and eye catching counter punches from Alfie made for an even contest.

Also just 10 years also and making his amateur boxing debut for Colchester ABC was Blake Marshall who faced Alfie Pigmore from Canvey ABC. This was also a no decision skills contest yet Blake showed his determination to progress through the ranks and become a competitive boxer. From the opening bell Blake was toe-to-toe with Pigmore throwing combinations with both hands. The fast pace was maintained throughout impressing both judges and members of the audience.

In the clubs first competitive bout of the season was long term club member Cameron Matthews facing Paul Smith from Capitol ABC in Warwickshire. Cameron had height and reach over his stocky opponent, yet this contest proved to be a tactical one. As smith held the centre of the ring Cameron moved around and boxed at range. The contest was a close call but the eye catching flurries in the late stage of every round were enough to convince the judges to award the win against the Colchester boxer.

Next up and looking to repeat his winning performances from two previous home shows was Louis Curtis. Louis faced talented Jake Rodda from Smallholdings ABC. This proved to be a difficult contest for Louis as Rodda’s aggressive style forced him back to the ropes from the opening bell. Louis held a tight guard with only occasional but eye catching punches slipping through. Louis boxed defensively for the duration of the bout scoring occasionally with counter punches however a last flurry of punches in the dying seconds urged the referee to step in and end the contest in favour of Rodda.

Charlie Reid was next facing Tommy Green of Broad Street ABC in East London. This proved to be a battle of will as both boxers tried to pile on the pressure from the word go. Attempting a change of tactics meant Charlie found himself backed up against the ropes having to battle hard to stay in the bout. After a gruelling and somewhat untidy three rounds the more eye catch punches had been landed by Green and he was awarded the win by unanimous decision.

Making his debut for Colchester but returning to the ring after an 8 year lay-off was Gary Bradshaw boxing Ryan Day from Holland Shore ABC. This proved to be a thrilling contest with plenty of skill and action on display. Gary took the initiative to begin with coming forwards with clean compact boxing skills. Day boxed on the back-foot and was forced to use all of his boxing skill to stay off the ropes. In the dying seconds of the first round the occasion was staring to take effect on Gary and he started to feel the pace of the bout and slow down. This spurred Day on who dragged himself back into the contest in the second round. Gary came out more determined in the final round and stared with some real eye catching shots being landed with both hands. Day stayed competitive though and when the final bell sounded the judges felt that the Holland Shore boxer had done enough to deserve the win. Day was awarded the win by the narrowest of majority decisions.

The next boxer to step between the ropes was another debutant, Cameron Renson. Cameron faced Keiren Mayo from Canvey ABC. Cameron was forced to move his head continually as Mayo held a substantial height and reach advantage. Not to be deterred the Colchester boxer ducked and slipped his way inside the taller man’s guard landing punches to head and body. The pace of the bout spurred Cameron on and started to drain Mayo. As the bout progressed Cameron started to mount a commanding lead yet Mayo stayed competitive snapping out long punches and occasionally catching Cameron as he moved forwards.  After a convincing performance Cameron was awarded a unanimous points win and was also voted Best Home Boxer of the tournament.

Other notable performances on the show included a polished performance from Liam Worster from Centurions ABC over Canvey’s Lewis Agambar. Liam was voted best away boxer of the tournament. Also Jack Martin from Mayland ABC scooped the tile of Essex Developmental Class B Champion under 69kg with an impressive third round KO over Braintree’s Joe May.

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The School holidays are almost over and the boxing season is almost upon us! CABC home show is literally just around the corner!

27th September is a date for the diary with most of last season's boxers hoping to be matched again in front of a home crowd and a few new faces to team CABC should be ready to make their debuts in September.

We are back in full swing with pre season training going well and some good sparring sessions already under our belts!!

Don’t forget to get yourself down the gym and working hard towards your personal goals!!

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